The birth of the PET technique has its formal origin in 1951 thanks to Brownell and Sweet. In 1959, Hal Anger developed the first practical equipment for positron detection and in 1974, the first commercial PET tomograph was built.

Since then, the extension in the application of this medical technique has not stopped growing and evolving, being introduced in many Nuclear Medicine Services in developed countries.


FULL BODY INSIGHT (FBI) is a Valencian company whose partners are linked to research centres and technology companies and which operates in the medical research sector, specifically in the research and development of Diagnostic Imaging technology based on Positron Emission Tomography (PET).

Since its discovery in 1951 to date, PET technology has evolved and prove its medical efficacy and, therefore, has been extended and implemented in all Nuclear Medicine Services located in reference hospitals in developed countries.

FULL BODY INSIGHT, through its R&D programms in the PET-field using innovative technologies based on continuous scintillators (monolithic crystals or liquid xenon), will overcome the technological limitations of current commercial PET equipment. It will reduce costs without degrading the performance of the system and make it possible to manufacture new commercial viable full body PET.